Thom Wheeler has an enduring interest in travel and particularly in Russia and regions of the ex-Soviet Union, having lived for extended periods in Georgia, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia.

Another great passion is vintage campervans, and he was the first person to drive a 1971 VW across the Russian Federation from Tallinn to Vladivostok in 1997. Other journeys have included following the length of the Volga River from source to delta, and most recently travelling the route of the Great Post Road across Siberia from Nerchinsk to Tobolsk.

Thom has contributed to and featured in various publications including: the Telegraph, the Guardian, Metro, Wanderlust magazine and Lonely Planet.

When static, he divides his time between St Petersburg, Russia and Brighton in the UK.


ONE STEPPE BEYOND: Across Russia in a VW Campervan (2011)

THE WAY A RIVER WENT: Following the Volga through the Heart of Russia (2015)