Originally from the north of England, my career in books began in 1993 at Westwood Creative Artists in Canada and continued when I returned to the UK and became editorial and rights director at Summersdale Publishers. I launched Jennifer Barclay Books in 2013 after I moved to a Greek island and started working from home as an editor and agent. I love honest, powerful storytelling, underdogs and bold living, and learning about the world through captivating tales, whether fiction or non-fiction. I am also a writer and my most recent book, Wild Abandon: A Journey to the Deserted Places of the Dodecanese was published in 2020.

Jennifer Barclay Books has several professional associates providing copy-editing, proofreading, typesetting and cover design to support authors who opt for self-publishing rather than traditional publishing. We also work with co-agents to represent the agency’s books in international markets.

A3: There are plenty of deserted places in the Dodecanese! @JenBarclayBooks, author of Wild Abandon, shares her experiences exploring them: https://bit.ly/2XzVGLJ #TRLT

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