Toby Carr was a kayaker, architect and senior lecturer at Falmouth University, who in 2018, despite living with a life-limiting illness, set off to sea kayak all 31 areas of the Shipping Forecast. He wanted to find the links between the ‘stories, places and histories of our coastal settlements and closest neighbours’. Tragically Toby passed away from liver cancer in January 2022 while writing a personal narrative about loss, rediscovery and his adventure, Moderate, Becoming Good Later.

Katie Annice Carr is an artist, leadership coach and university lecturer. After the death of her brother, on finding Toby’s extensive documentation of his trip, she decided to finish telling the story he so wanted to share. Katie lives in Barcelona with her partner and their two boys.

MODERATE, BECOMING GOOD LATER has been featured on BBC Breakfast TV and more. It became an Amazon best-seller.

Heartbreaking, and utterly wonderful. A journey that had to be made, and a story that had to be told. ― Alex Bescoby, adventurer and author

The sort of adventure I’ve often dreamed of late at night, with additional layers of poignancy and love. ― Alastair Humphreys, adventurer and author

A very moving tale, in every way imaginable. ― Tristan Gooley, author of The Natural Navigator

A manifesto for living, loving and laughing full-heartedly, whatever life’s storms and forecasts bring. A guide and companion for us all, whether we are embarking on voyages of our choosing or dealing with waves and storms dealt to us. ― Sarah Outen, adventurer and author

The perfect book for our times: from tragedy and stormy seas, come hope, connection, and elemental awe. Exceptionally beautiful and moving, a book that conjures connection to people, places and the ocean with the immediacy, grace and clarity of a kayak cutting through sea spray. ― David Gange, historian and author of The Frayed Atlantic Edge