Jennifer Barclay has worked with books since 1993 as a literary agent, an editorial director and an author, and loves the creative process of helping writers to make their work better and more marketable. Working with both publishers and authors, Jennifer Barclay Books can provide structural and developmental editing, ghost-writing, copy-editing, proof-reading, project management, one-on-one workshops or honest and constructive appraisals to help authors get where they want to be. The editorial consultancy service is flexible to meet each client’s needs.

‘As a first-time author, I couldn’t have asked for a better developmental editor. I learnt so much. Jennifer is an excellent communicator, is timely with her work, and a great teacher. She prompted me throughout the review to go deeper, explain more, and show the reader. Her suggestions were said with a supportive and nurturing tone. I appreciated her wisdom so much, would highly recommend her, and will definitely use her again.’ Katherine Leamy

‘… to Jennifer Barclay my highly professional and approachable editor (I am sure the fact that she lives in the Greek islands played a role in keeping her patient and constructive during the various drafts). Jennifer has written a number of books herself so she directed me from a position of true experience. She was impressively fast and accurate in her revisions.’ Eugene Miskelly

‘Over the course of our association, I have developed complete trust in your judgement. You improved the story with every insight you offered.’ – Geordie Stewart

‘Jen’s contribution to me at times felt like tough love. But she opened a channel in me, and I thank her.’ – Samantha Hart

’What joy to have found an editor right on my wavelength! As you know, ‘Journeys’ is my fourth book and here you are doing just what I wanted: highlighting bits that are boring, suggesting clarifications, expansions – and reductions. And, at every step, I’m with you all the way. Thank you so much.’ – Clare Allcard

‘She gave me guidance on the continuity of story lines, the development of characters and clarity of some of my descriptions… Her input was brilliant.’ – Anna Hughes, author of Eat, Sleep, Cycle

‘Not only does she have a keen eye for the usual grammar and punctuation, but she is also full of suggestions and ideas to help bring the best out of any writer. I found her a genius at cutting down my word count so that I barely noticed it had been done and great at motivating me from start to finish. I can’t recommend her enough.’ – Phoebe Smith, Extreme Sleeps

‘Jennifer Barclay is a professional, experienced and compassionate editor. Her insight and guidance significantly improved the quality of my writing.’ – Judy Rae Merhar

‘When my literary agent sent a number of publishers a MS of my awful second book, it was summarily rejected by all… I considered never writing again. But it was Jennifer Barclay who saw a glint of something hopeful within those words… Jen’s encouragement and kind words pushed me on to finish the next book, and under her editorial guidance it was soon commissioned…’ – Charlie Carroll, author of No Fixed Abode and The Friendship Highway

‘Jen has a sharp eye for detail and this was of great value when proofreading for us. Her knowledge and experience of the industry means that any task she undertakes is in safe hands.’ – Lauren Parsons, Legend Press and Paperbooks

‘This book began with a very speculative email… Without her encouragement and guidance, it would never have been written.’ – Miranda Emmerson, Fragrant Heart

‘… honest, encouraging, patient… skilled, passionate and gifted – Tom Anderson, author of Riding the Magic Carpet and Grey Skies, Green Waves


Doing Life Differently in Thailand – Mel Pike
Always on Call: Adventures in Nursing, Ranching and Rural Living – Marion Crook
Dormice and Moonshine: Falling for Slovenia – Sam Baldwin
The Vineyard in Crete – Richard Clark
Dare to Travel Solo – Katherine Leamy
A Piano Bar in Crete – Richard Clark
The Journey Continues – Eugene Miskelly
The Note Through the Wire – Doug Gold
The Turpentine Diaries – Marc Whitney
Walking the Wharfe – Johno Ellison
My Home, Our Stories – Khai Yuan Teoh
The Night Bombs Fell on Bradford – Rod Taylor
Always Pack a Candle – Marion Crook
Journey to Flavour – Dev Mukherji
Take a Hike – Grace Bovis
Hurry Up and Wait – Geordie Stewart
The Forgotten Song – Richard Clark
From Marathon to Ultra – Jonathan Cairns
The Last Mulberry Tree – Christina Kellaris Tranter
Between Heaven and Earth – Robert Nurden
Blind Pony – Samantha Hart
Iceland Serow Saga – Helen Lloyd
Return to Turtle Beach – Richard Clark
A Rolling Stone – Geordie Stewart
Cycling Norway – D.J. Robinson
The Book of Katerina – Auguste Corteau
Summer of ’77: Beaches, Bars and Boogie Nights in Ibiza – Robert Fear
A Book of Changes – Krystyna Horko
Adventure Caravanning with Dogs: Dogs ‘n’ Dracula – Jacqueline Lambert
The Reluctant Hotelkeeper – John Searancke
Beastly Journeys, Roam Alone, To Oldly Go, The Irresponsible Traveller – anthology series
The Urban Circus Catriona Rainsford
The Lost Lyra Richard Clark
In Search of Sisu Geordie Stewart
Headhunter Miles Campbell
Northern Soles: A Coast to Coast Walk Steve Ankers
A Siberian Winter’s Tale Helen Lloyd
My Life as a Cactus – Diane Asitimbay
Prunes for Breakfast, Dog Days in the Fortunate Islands – John Searancke
Crete: A Notebook, Hidden Crete, More Hidden Crete – Richard Clark
Eat Sleep Cycle Anna Hughes
Fragrant Heart Miranda Emmerson
A Short Ride in the Jungle Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent
The Ribbons are for Fearlessness Catrina Davies
Alone in Antarctica Felicity Aston
Love with a Chance of Drowning Torre DeRoche
The Teardrop Island Cherry Briggs
L’Amour Actually Melanie Jones
Canoeing the Congo Phil Harwood
Extreme Sleeps Phoebe Smith
Head Over Heels in France Samantha Brick
A Bull on the Beach, Goats from a Small Island, A Lizard in my Luggage – Anna Nicholas
Walking the County High Points of England David Bathurst
Grape Expectations Caro Feely
A Horse in the Bathroom Derek J. Taylor
Ten Trees and a Truffle Dog Jamie Ivey
The Hairy Hikers David Le Vay
Are We Nearly There Yet? Ben Hatch
One Steppe Beyond Thom Wheeler
Tales from the Fast Trains, To Hull and Back, A Tourist in the Arab Spring – Tom Chesshyre
Bonnes Vacances! Rosie Millard
Too Narrow to Swing a Cat, One Man and a Narrowboat, Narrowboat Nomads – Steve Haywood
To Prussia With Love, A Year in the Scheisse – Roger Boyes
A Dip in the Ocean Sarah Outen
Toute Allure, Tout Sweet – Karen Wheeler
Twitchhiker Paul Smith
Mission Mongolia David Treanor
Grey Skies, Green Waves Tom Anderson
Live Fast, Die Young Chris Price & Joe Harland
African Brew-Ha-Ha Alan Whelan
An Apple a Day Emma Woolf
Understanding and Dealing with Dementia Keith Souter
50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Your Fertility/ Stress – Wendy Green
My Life as a Hooker / Mud, Sweat and Beers
Steven Gauge
Dash: Bitch of the Year Andrew Dilger
Twenty Wagging Tales Barrie Hawkins
The Deranged Book for Old-Timers Marcus Waring
Beer O’Clock Jane Peyton
Keep on Running, A Portsmouth Miscellany, A Winchester Miscellany – Phil Hewitt
The Single Girl’s Guide Imogen Lloyd Webber
Passport to Hell Terry Daniels
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World’s Most Dangerous Jobs Paula Reid
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